Thursday, March 19, 2009

Roasting Peppers: A Video

Ahh, its a video of myself! Ugh, I have the most nasal voice in the world. I've been wanting to try a video blog for a while, but I'm no good at video editing, so I had to do it all in one shot. I hope you don't get motion sickness with this.

Roasting Peppers on Your Stove Top: At A Glance
Prep/Cook time: 5 minutes. Total Time: 15-20 minutes.
  1. Turn gas burner on high.
  2. Place pepper onto burner grate directly into flames.
  3. Allow skin of pepper to char until it is completely black.
  4. Flip pepper on burner to allow even heat to all sides.
  5. Remove from burner once pepper is completely black
  6. Place in a paper bag and allow to cool for ~10 minutes.
  7. Peel skin away from pepper.
Bam, you've got a roasted pepper.


IBerg said...

That was cool. I have tried roasting peppers before, and never had much luck. I never left them on the burner long enough and it was always a pain to get the skins off. I just needed to "burn the crap out of them". I like the tip with the paper bag as well. I hope you can get some good editing software, and get comfortable with it, so that there will be more of these. The video really steps it up a notch or two.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Iberg. I know this one is pretty rough but we'll see where this goes. I don't know when I'll be getting into any video editing, but anyone out there who wants to give me some tips or lessons would be appreciated.

sugor said...

Wonderful! Keep it up, Andrea.
I've always roasted peppers in the oven but it takes forever - even on a high temp. I'm anxious to try this way. And I love the paper bag trick. Never heard that one before. Thanks for the video.

IBerg said...

I wasn't trying to imply that the video was rough, just that you seemed to think it was. I really like the video.

Andrea said...

Don't stress, I didn't take it that way. I'm just a perfectionist. Plus I find a video of myself to be a little disconcerting, but I totally appreciate all the positive feedback!

Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad you posted this! I have been too scared to try charring peppers right on the burner...until now. I loooove roasted peppers, and now I know I can make them at home, so I don't have to pay like $7 a jar for them at the market.

Meg Gustafson said...

hi andrea,

great video debut! you're so charming on screen (i mean, irl, not in the least. har har).


Unknown said...

great video! i'd love to see how you use that roasted pepper in your meals!

Esther said...

I've been meaning to comment that the timing for this video was perfect. The night before you posted the tutorial, I tried roasting poblanos for the first time, and my technique was a bit off: I made the risky decision of using two forks instead of tongs (thankfully, no injuries) and a ziploc bag. Your tips have steered me in the right direction--I'm sure to be roasting again soon!

Anonymous said...

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