Wednesday, September 10, 2008

You Put the Lime on the Corn Cob and Eat Them Both Up

A corn stalk from Ira's parents' garden

In the Midwest, nothing says summer more than sweet corn. Whether you like it BBQ or boiled, corn is a staple for any harvest meal.

I grew up, like most other Americans, slapping tons of butter all over my ear of corn and chomping away. A couple of years ago, my friend Meena, shared with me her Indian family's method for seasoning corn which is delicious, easy and low fat.

All you need is a few slices of lime, salt and garam masala. If you don't have any Garam Masala, you can use curry powder or chili powder. On a small plate, pour out a small pile of salt on one half and the garam masala on the other half. Take your lime slice and dip it in the seasonings until coated.

Take seasoned lime and spread over corn cob so the juices of the lime mix with the seasonings and are pressed into corn cob. The lime with the seasonings tastes similar to the salty butter yet also add a spicy tang which compliment the creamy sweet taste of the corn.

That's it, your corn is ready to be served with your dinner. Eat up and enjoy!


Ira said...

Yum let's do this again!

LaFemmeAnkita said...

mmmm yes, that's how we do it, but i think it's always best when the corn is cooked over flames so it is a little blackened before rubbing the lime and spices on it.