Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Gettin Hitched!

Lately, it seems like all my friends are getting married. We just went to one wedding, and we have three more in the next year! Now, I am very excited to announce that Ira and I are jumping on the band wagon and gettin hitched too! We're planning for Memorial Day weekend of '09.

It is so weird. I am excited to get married, but am feeling a little uncomfortable with the terminology. I just can't refer to Ira as my Fiance. Instead I have elevated his status by calling him my "manfriend" instead of "boyfriend". Likewise, I feel weirded out about referring to myself as a bride. We got engaged weeks ago, but I haven't announced it here yet because I wasn't sure if it was fitting or not. I don't want to turn into the typical bride who can only talk about dates, venues, flowers, and other details. Ira and I do plan on doing as much as we can for ourselves and so I want to document anything we do "from scratch" that might be fitting with my blog topic. Keeping that in mind, I am making a promise NOT to become a Bridezilla and have my blog taken over with wedding updates instead of food.

But OMG, let me tell you about some fabrics I am thinking about for my dress....Just kidding.


Marcus said...

Congratulations to y'all on your official blog announcement!!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG, i totally want to hear about fabric!
you should take after holly hunter in "raising arizona" and refer to ira as your "FI-ance".

Christy said...

Congratulations! I imagine the food will be awesome.

Anonymous said...

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