Saturday, September 20, 2008


Oktoberfest means its time to drink beer!

As we are a family who loves to party, it has become a tradition to attend the Oktoberfest celebrations in Frankenmuth Mi. Known as Michigan's Little Bavaria , it annually hosts the fifth largest Oktoberfest in the country; this says a lot for a town of only 5,000 people. Frankenmuth pulls out all the stops, which may be the reason why it was the first Oktoberfest to be sanctioned by the Parliament and the City of Munich. Hell Ya!

Where's my Dad? He's getting more beer of cours!

We've been going as a family every year for the last six years (except for 2006 when Ira and I were traveling around on bikes). We've become such regulars, they featured our pictures in this years brochure!

That is Ira (in green) and my friend Katherine's back (in red) in the lower right corner. The photo is of our table as we drink Ein Prosit! (one cheer/toast). My arm is one of those arms in there. I am famous!

The day is spent pretty much as the pictures above indicate. Lots of beer, dancing, singing, and indulging in sausages, pretzels and more beer. You can spend the day watching men in lederhozen slap each others butts!

Did I mention the Weiner dog races?

People get really dressed up, and then we have to pose with them.

Katherine posses with her new buddy.

None of the men could resist this photo op! I was going to try and reduce the girl's red eye but then, I didn't, both from the perversity of making her look like a devil woman and out of laziness.

Drink enough that you have fun, and are relatively out of it.

But don't be like this guy!

My brother-in-law Jason saves the day, by calling the paramedics to come and help this hapless fellow out. Don't worry, he was fine. I love the look on the face of the woman in the background.

OK, lets get out there and drink drink drunk!

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kat said...

Ah, thanks for the memories! I forgot about weiner dogs and that horribly drunk & passed out dude. I have absolutely no memory of anyone taking that picture of me and Jem, either. That means one thing: good times!