Friday, November 7, 2008

This Obama Looks Good Enough To Eat

I've been a bit hung over since Tuesday. We closed the bars on Tuesday night after leaving the rally, but who knew feeling so bad could feel so good. I've been so excited and optimistic, I've been oozing sap as you could read in my last post. But I am not going to apologize! No far from it. I am excited to be excited and I am happy to be feeling so darn proud of being an American. I've never felt this way before and its nice. I'm glad I'm not the only one. Everywhere I look, I see awesome posters and photos heralding a world of excitement. I would be no food blogger if I didn't include some food in there.

The photo above taken by Flickr user Shastio is a portrait of Obama made by Zilly Rosen of Zilly Cakes in Buffalo New York, made of 1240 cupcakes. Amazing! I love the attention to details like the background cupcakes being made of vanilla and the ones for the image being made of chocolate. It adds so much to the depth of field. Check out more Obama inspired bake goods.

Zilly Rosen preparing her cupcake portrait. Photo by Flickr user Shastio

Its nice being surrounded by so many who are unabashedly enthusiastic! Everywhere I look, I see other happy smiling faces. Nothing can hold us back, not even road rage! For example, On Wednesday morning, when I was riding my bike to work (still a bit drunken and an hour and a half late-oops!) when a car swooped past me honking the horn in a most unsafe manner. When I caught up to them at the next light, I leaned in the open window and said, "Hey come on, relax. Its a beautiful day, we're all winners!" And instead of yelling back, the couple both started smiling at me, and agreed that it was an awesome day. Thanks Barack!

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