Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We Are All Winners!

Barak Obama Rally Posted by Flickr user Spudart

Tuesday night, the worlds eye was focused here, in Chicago as our Senator was named President Elect. Excitement flowed through us all, as we found ourselves swept out our doors and down the street to gather and celebrate together. Strangers suddenly became friends as we hugged and laughed together. The feeling of unity, hope and optomism surged through the crowd until even the most jaded misanthropes were screaming along with the throngs of individuals from every race, religion and creed, "Yes, we can!"

Victory Party in Grant Park posted by The Huffington Post

I can't explain the feeling except to say, it was bigger then any of us. We took over the streets of Chicago and moved as one mass. People were happy, smiling and feeling good. For our generation, where we carry sarcasm and irony as a badge of honor, it was humbling to be filled with such feelings of pride in our country, our fellow Americans and in humanity in general. The name Barack Obama means more then just a break from the same old failed Reganomics we've had for too long, and it even means more then the epic crack its put in the race barrier which has long segregated a black man from the White House. While words cannot explain the pride and strength this will give to our African American communities, the real truth is, even if it lasts for only a few short days, Barak Obama has given the whole world a feeling of unity and solidarity as humans, not as black, white, Muslim or Christian, American or other. The whole world has come together to rejoice. Its even enough to make an entire bar of the most hip of hipsters, come together and sing God Bless America with no irony intended. I know, I've seen it, here in my own city.

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