Monday, June 8, 2009

Save Money: Cater Your Own Wedding


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You want to throw a huge wedding, but don't want to be in debt for 20 years to pay for it. When confronted with a $10,000 quote for catering, don't cut your guest list in half; cut your caterer! Here's an index of our guide to DIY Wedding Catering on the cheap.
  1. Cater Your Own Wedding Intro
  2. The Basics
  3. A Disclaimer
  4. Begin Planning
  5. A Full Bar vs. Wine and Beer
  6. 6 Month Checklist
  7. 2 Month Checklist
  8. Final Month Checklist
  9. Final Week Checklist

Email me if you have any questions about my plan or need assistance when planning your own event.


Back Garage said...

Bravo! Great series! said...

This is fantastic! I jsut discovered your blog this morning via a link to this post. So much wonderful information here, I'll be linking to this. And subscribing of course-I don't want to miss a thing!

Andrea said...

Thanks Rachel. I just checked your blog, looks great too! I love web round ups. Speaking of which you should check out for their awesome design tips and Craigs List roundups.

amanda said...

You are fabulous and have inspired me to cater my wedding! We are thinking of a backyard wedding but unsure. If you don't mind sharing where did you have your wedding?

Andrea said...

Amanda, I'm so glad you're thinking of doing your own food! We did our wedding at a industrial loft space. We have no yard and space is so difficult to come by in Chicago, so we were limited. I love the idea of a backyard event. If you have the space, I say work it!

Please, let me know how it goes. Send pics!! I'm so excited for you.

Anonymous said...

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