Sunday, June 7, 2009

DIY Picnic Table

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As a quick supplement to my last post, I just wanted to further stress how easy it was to build our picnic table. The awesome instructions on, gives you a shopping list of all the wood and hardware necessary.

From you, this project only requires:
  • approx. $70.00 of wood and hardware
  • power drill
  • hand saw
  • hammer
  • tape measure
  • pencil
  • 5-6 hours
You do need a bit of space to build it in, but you could just spend a weekend afternoon and build it all in the spot you plan to set it up. I HIGHLY recommend it. You can easily fit 8 maybe even 10 people at this table! It may be rainy and 40 degrees, but we're sitting outside anyway. We've been going through a lot of cases of beer.

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