Monday, June 23, 2008

The real gift!

The real gift of hosting a party for someone comes in not asking them to come over and help you clean up the next day!

And this is what it looked like after my friend Malissa went around after everyone went to bed and collected all these bottles and cans!

For this kind of work, protective head gear is a must!!


missile said...

andrea, before i got too drunk during the course of the night i began collecting empty beer boxes and set them up as bottle and can receptacles! it sorta confused some of the guests who i hadn't met yet ("who is this strange girl, cleaning a house she doesn't live in?"). when i started noticing a collection of empty bottles i'd gather them. by the end of the night, it seemed other people were getting the hint that yes you really ought to throw your cans away and not set them on andrea's book shelf and joined in my effort. so a word to the wise party host...think about setting up a few places for guests to toss their'll save you some trouble later!

katherine said...

Nice skirt!

Janice said...

The helmet matches your skirt perfectly!