Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Note On The Menu

With the financial crisis currently kicking this country in the balls, our government is setting a good example to all the pocket pilfering corporate bastards with their own restructuring package. In 5 days a new CEO will attempt to get this ship of fools (or pirates) back on course. For my small part, I've been busy working the final details of the Forkable Inaugural Bash to celebrate.  

Please turn out to be the prize fighter we need...

I've designed the menu to be a fusion of comfort food with an under current of middle eastern flavor. This way we can celebrate the marriage of our good old American values and our first ever Muslim president. Oh wait, yeah. He's not muslim. He's a practicing Christian. OK, well lets spin it to be a reference to our expectations of his role as Commander and Chief Savior, who will walk on water, end all war and grant our stock market eternal life.

I just wish I had yards of muslin for the table cloths. Crap.

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