Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Weaving a Forkable Conversation

What started out as a project of documenting my cooking projects, has grown into an ongoing conversation about food from the Forkable point of view. I get really excited when people tell me they've tried a recipe, or been inspired by something I've written about. Its slightly surreal to think people are participating in the blog all the time and I may not even know it.

People can hang out with me in my kitchen, experience my food and most importantly share conversation and meet new friends and like minded foodsters. I love the way food and a comfortable home environment can be such a social lubricant to allow people to enjoy a social experience even with complete strangers.

This is one reason, why I love the Forkable Supper Club events. They provide opportunities for me to meet readers in a real environment outside of the blogosphere.

"Coming alone and not being the most outgoing social person, there was the initial worry that this would be similar to sitting at a table at a lousy wedding with people you have nothing in common with where the conversation starts and stops with "how do you know the bride/groom?"......but we all came for the same reason, a reason more unifying and interesting than just to see Britney and Jeff unite in holy matrimony. We all shared an appreciation for good food made by hand and shared as a community...Anyway, everyone was enjoying themselves as evidenced by the decibel level (which was dramatically lower when the plates of food were brought out.) " -Nellie S.

This blog is weaving a conversation from my regular life through the internet connecting me with people I may never have met before. In a previous post I asked for volunteers to photograph my events, and almost immediately I received a response. In exchange for 2 seats at the last event, Alyssa Miserendino, took all the amazing photos you see in this post. Things like this have given me a small glimpse of the networking possibilities available and make me want to develop this Forkable community even more then I have in the past.

I've got to figure out a way to encourage more back and forth discourse with readers so we can gain by a collective experience and knowledge far greater then I can ever provide. I've been afraid to ask for comments in the past because I didn't want to look vain, seem demanding or also allow for the possibility of looking pathetic if no one responds. But please, please, I'm not too proud to beg. Leave me comments and let me know what you like and don't like. Please tell me if you've tried a recipe and did something different then I did, or if you think I left something out.

Where all the plates clean because everyone liked the food, or because I didn't give large enough portions? Let me know!

OK!! Enough of that. Thank you so much to everyone who came to the Inaugural Ball and help make it such a wonderful event! I enjoyed meeting you all so much and I hope you had fun. And thank you Alyssa for all your photos which makes everything look more beautiful then it is in real life (except in the fish eye lens photos where my head may appear twice as large as it does in real life...I hope!)

Click here for a full set of Alyssa's Images and here for my flickr photo set.


IBerg said...

A little off subject, but you might enjoy this viedo. It is just under 10 minutes long, but kind of cool, and you were asking for comments.

Twistbarbie said...

What a cool post! My friend and I are so happy with your blog,we have been best friends for 10 yrs now and live far apart,yet regularly email and talk via phone. We often (90%) of the time discuss food, what we made, cool ideas we saw etc. your blog and recipes are often inspiration(I made a version of your lentil,bacon and pear soup that was amazing btw!)and helps keep us in closer contact. Its so nice to be a woman and be able to have this space to talk abt food in a positive way! thanks girl your blog rocks!

Andrea said...

Iberg, that video was so cute! Thanks for the link.

Andrea said...

Twistbarbie, Thanks much for the compliments. Its weird because "Twistbarbie" is a handle I've used in the past. When I first got a comment from you, I thought one of my friends was playing a prank on me and then I realized, no, its just a strange coincidence. You comments are always so complimentary, I think any of my friends might think I am making comments on my own page. Haha. Thanks for reading!

twistbarbie said...

haha Really? the truth is i am staunch feminist, so i like the words and I am a big shonen knife fan-twistbarbie was a favorite song of mine in high school!thts funny that you have used the handle before,sorry for the confusion that is a coincidence!

missile said...

woah, i was a little confused about the twistbarbie situation as well! weird!
andrea...your inauguration event looks like it was aaawwwwsome. jeez, lady! you rule.

katherine said...

Woah, that is crazy. "twistbarbie" always means "Andrea" to me. Interesting to see someone else using it -- but thanks for clearing that up. :-)