Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Fun Trip To the Korean Market

There's nothing better for Sunday afternoon fun then a trip to my favorite Korean market, Chicago Foods.

Its a great place to:

get good prices on staple items like coconut milk (90 cents a can!)

peruse exotic produce including an extensive selection in varieties of radishes and greens,

and investigate items you've never seen before like dang-kwi, chun kung and a variety of other unknown dried roots and fungus.

What are the practical uses of these?

Do you eat it or use it to kill bugs?

Seasoned pig "trotters", yum!

You can also shop for inexpensive cookware.

My favorite brand, "Cook Help" right next to the Love Home Magic Pan.

(While I was looking at the food, Ira was looking for funny signs)

Sometimes stacked in with the cookware, you'll find a reasonably priced pair of shoes.

Here's a slide show of all our pics if you still haven't gotten enough.


The VanTols said...

My Korean students tell me that the you use the dried fungus to make a healthy drink, like a tea. The dried bracken is boiled up for a side dish. Thank you for posting these pictures. My students and I enjoyed looking at them and talking about all their favorite foods.

Andrea said...

Wow. Forkable in the classroom. I better make sure I keep my language nice and clean. Thanks Kathleen!

Janet said...

There used to be a Korean market on Kedzie and Lawrence, but it moved. Does anyone know where there are more Korean markets?

Anonymous said...

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