Sunday, March 22, 2009

Olive Oil Dreams Come True.

Sometimes its the simplest things which give you the most pleasure. I've always wanted an olive oil bottle dispenser with a spigot to control pouring, but I've never gotten one. I've had to content myself with a wide mouthed bottle which always dripped all over the place.

Finally the other day, I found a nice simple bottle with the spigot with the air hole which allows for smooth pouring for $3.00 and I bought that sucka. It makes me so happy every time I use it. Its so easy to control the amount of oil poured. I can't believe I've gone for so long without having one.

A bottle like this is definitely a kitchen staple. It makes me feel like the host of my own cooking show every time I use it!


Nellie Seigel said...

I feel exactly the same love! We are spigot sisters.

Ira said...

Nice post. I love simple, elegant technology.

Bex said...

True...One of the best kitchen accessories ever!

Anonymous said...

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