Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Forkable Fiafia Menu

Dinner jacket and boufant encouraged, but not required. Photo: Vintage Vegas c/o BTSIC

The menu for our Polynesian Fiafia fest fuses traditional Oceanic recipes with contemporary style, combining the best ingredients, flavors to bring you a paradise of authentic dishes recreated with a splash of bygone glamor for the present pallet. The word "fiafia", used throughout the Pacific Islands, can mean celebration, get-together, and happy. Our fiafia will combine all of these, with a discerning splash of kitsch which leaves the tacky tiki at the door.
Our Polynesian Fiafia Menu
presented by Forkable and BTSIC

Pickled Quail Egg Dumpling Steamed in a Banana Leaf
served with a ginger sake dipping sauce

Soup Course
Lemongrass Leek Consume served with Papaya Seed Crusted Pork
finished a garnish of fresh papaya and lime zest

First Course
White Fish Ceviche with Earl Gray-infused Champagne Vinegar
served with a salad garnish of fresh fruit and sweet basil

Rum and Coconut Braised Goat
served with manioc puree and sided with guava plantain chips

Samoan Po'a
accompanied by a sea salt cracker finished with a garnish of mint and lime

This event is BYOB. As always our supper club events are hosted in an intimate urban space and seats are extremely limited so reserve your spot right away!


Back Garage said...

Sweet pickled makok that's ambitious!

Richard said...

The word is spelled "consommé," but ceviche with Earl Grey-infused champagne vinegar sounds absolutely amazing.

Andrea said...

Thanks Richard, for always prowling for those spelling errors, but since you always follow it up with a compliment, I can't help but love it!

Richard said...

I'm a firm believer in coupling criticism with positive reinforcement. Though it really does sound incredible.

emily said...

I wish I could come. Can you mail me an appetizer?

Jennifer said...

i've already signed up and noted i don't eat red see that two of the four courses are meat....will you have alternatives? or can I cancel and get refund?