Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Breakfast Benifit for Sasha Yurgionas

This Sunday, a benefit breakfast of pancakes and huevos rancheros will be served to welcome Sasha Yurgionas back to the city and help raise money in support of her valiant cause, a 6 year medical program in Cuba to gain her MD degree so she can provide medical care to underprivileged US urban communities. 2 years in, Sasha needs all the help she can get. Click here read the invitation and get more information for Sasha's Benefit Breakfast. Although they are only formally asking $5 donation a plate, Forkable would like to suggest any of you who wish to attend the Logan Square event this Sunday, August 10, might consider a donation of $20 per person. Please all come out and support our local hero, who you may, in coming years, be calling to help you with all the ailments you have never had an MD check out due to lack of insurance!

Who is Sasha Yurgionas? Read on!

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