Friday, August 22, 2008

Easy As Pie?

Photo published by Bon Appetit blogger Bridgett Maloney

Although I say, "come on, pie dough is easy", everyone is going to have failure now and then. I love this blog post titled "My Spectacular Pie Crust Failure" from Bon Appetit's Project Recipe, where blogger Bridgett details her crust, which quickly turned from problem to "disastrophe". She doesn't give up though, as she works with what she's got, to resurrect the pie, and live to blog about it.

Photo published by Bon Appetit blogger Bridgett Maloney

Project Recipe, an exciting romp, accompanies two very different regular Jo's, as they cook their way through Bon Appetit's 100 top recipes. 24 year old Bridgett, the wonderfully self-depreciating writer/actress, is set off by the older, seemingly wiser Chris, a 47 year old book designer from Berkley California. The obvious differences between the two add to the sense of fun, as Bridgett slides into the role of dopey sidekick, who chronicles her kitchen foibles so Chris can step in, and give her (and us) very helpful tips on the best ways to go about different kitchen tasks. Although I say Bridgett may act the dopey sidekick, as you read through her posts, you can see she's no slouch in the kitchen either.

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