Sunday, August 10, 2008

Gangway BBQ

Summer is all about fresh produce from the garden, BBQin' in the backyard and beer! All but the last is kind of hard to come by in the city, but Ira and I always believe in reaching out to our community for help and makin do with what we got. My Aunt, who lives across the park from us, gave us some fresh basil from her container garden and our friend Wendy sent over some of her fresh organic pear tomatoes. Ok, so that took care of the fresh produce. Now the yard. Humm this was a hard one. Our building goes from sidewalk to the alley. We made do with our gangway which is luckily larger then most at about 8ft wide. Next up. Beer. No problem. Eric supplied the Oberon Mini Keg from Bells Brewery.

We quickly chopped up some vegetables, marinated some chicken breast in teriyaki, and assembled some shish kabobs. We wrapped some asparagus tossed with fresh chopped garlic and olive oil in some aluminum foil to steam on the hot coals. A salad of Romaine lettuce and fresh basil with pear, blue cheese and a lime pomegranate vinaigrette made for a nice fresh flavor. I popped some brown rice in the rice cooker with some coconut milk, onions, raisins and some crab stock I had in the freezer to give us some fiber and stretch out the meal for a couple unexpected arrivals.

A relaxing Sunday afternoon: mission accomplished. BBQ, beer, friends, fun. Done. OK, now its time to go to sleep!

Here are more pictures of produce and cookin.

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