Monday, August 18, 2008

Pies In Your Face

Through starting this blog, I have been actively trying to become more involved in the Internet food community. One website, which I have been more active with is, a wiki-site dedicated to creating a community of people showing people "how-to" do anything. By linking to my personal Instructables, I can cut down on the TMI, threatening to make my blog posts 15 pages long.

So when Instructables announced their pie contest, I knew I had to enter. Since there was no limit to entries, my obsessive compulsive disorder entered three! The competition ended today and the winner will be selected by the voting public over the next three days. Click here to view my pies. You have to be a member to vote, but it free to sign up, so if you feel inclined, I of course would appreciate any and all votes!

To celebrate this season of fresh fruity fun, Forkable will be doing a Pie in Your Face everyday, highlighting my pie instructables as well as the ones who win the competition, which will be announced on Friday. I don't expect to win, but my goal was to be one of the few selected by the editors to be "featured" on their home page.

I am happy to say Goal Achieved! Last night, my Blueberry and Apricot Pie in a Skillet (pictured above) was selected and now proudly bears the "featured" sash! I WIN!

So let them eat pie.


Andrea said...

Yay! I've had two more of my pie Instructables "featured"!

Anonymous said...

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