Saturday, August 16, 2008

Whopper Jr Of A Lifestyle

When I first began Forkable, almost three months ago, I was excited with the prospect of a new project as I anxiously set up lists of possible posts and themes I could incorporate into my narrative. I had grand plans of covering all aspects of everything cooking, which I described in my first posts.

I soon discovered, my blog was taking up almost all of my time. I was hoping I would eventually fall into the swing of things, and as I got better at maneuvering through the blogosphere, I could get my posts done more efficiently. However, after weeks went by with no let up, I began to fear the worst. THIS BLOG IS TAKING OVER MY LIFE!!!

I've been spending sooo much time blogging, I haven't had time to cook. This seemed a bit counter productive. I mean the whole point of this is my cooking! What am I gonna post about if I don't make any food. I began feeling like a sham. After all, my blog was supposed be about making the time to cook great food on a short time budget. And that is exactly what I am not doing.

To add insult to injury, in reviewing my blog, I was beginning to feel like I'd lost my voice. I wanted to have a hip urban tone which reflects my lifestyle of someone in their twenties, living a full life in the city. I don't want to come off as a suburban housewife. However in reading back through the archives, I've realized I use the word "Yummy" in almost every post. AHHHHHHH!!! I never say yummy. In fact I almost hate Yummy.

So my yummy timepit of a blog is really stressing me out. I've come to the realization, I'm in a blog rut. And so soon! What to do? No time to cook, no time to clean the house, I'm all wound up. With this going on, how can I conquer the internet?

Ok, so there is my problem. I think I've been trying to do too much, and trying too hard. I can't expect to start a blog and immediately do everything perfectly. In trying too hard, I've been trying to cover everything I know in too short of a space. I am getting too bogged down in the details like how my voice is being read, that I've lost my voice!

I'm not always making awesome food from scratch and recently, I've been eating out too much. Oh, whatever. I have a Burger King down the street. My food blog has almost forced me into a whopper jr. of a lifestyle. I'm not some perfect little yummy homemaker with delicious treats for your tummy on the table every night after work. Not at all. But then again, who is expecting that?

I can get really crabby, spending so much time on something and then wondering if I am doing a good job. I just have to quit worrying about it. People have given me advice on how to streamline my operations and I'm working on my format to try and tighten down some sense of theme and become more consistent in following it; posting more often, utilizing more web based content. I just need to write the blog the way I want, and keep it fun. I want to do the above stated things, but if I don't implement them immediatly, that's ok. If I don't post every other day, it will be fine. I guess I just needed to come clean and confess my problems so I can move on. Although I am obviously not that good at the internet, I'm workin on it!

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Marcus said...

Hey busy Girl..."The choice is yours to make. Time is yours to take". Be good to yourself.