Sunday, October 26, 2008

Eat Away the Pain With Cute Bento Lunches

Originally posted by Paulina J. on Cute Overload

Its been kind of depressing lately. Financial Crisis, negative and embarrassing Presidential campaigning, energy crisis, global warming, whats the world coming too? So we need a heavy dose of cute overload to chase the negative pessimistic worries away. Ok, so how about these munching cute Bento lunches? Are we having fun yet? Here's more.

Originally posted by Paulina J. on Cute Overload

OMG! I love the asparagus oar!


Anonymous said...


I had to unsubscribe from slashfood because of these daily pictures of lame bento boxes. While I am assured that many people all around the globe love them, I am mortally offended.

I have been really enjoying your blog so far, please spare us with the cute overload crap.


carolinetcasey said...

I beg to differ! I saw these a while back and printed them out at my desk. :)

TTK said...

Fight fight fight!

Anonymous said...

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