Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Phood Photography

Jerk Pork Roll-Up originally uploaded Flickr user by JoshHousel of

I've been working on my food photography, but I've got a long arduous climb yet until I can hope for photophame. Meanwhile, I've been slinking around blogs, secretly writing notes and compiling information. When surfing the food blogosphere there are so many fantabulously titilating images floating around I had to take a moment and put a shout out to my favorite phoblogstrophers. (Is that stretching??)

Here is a list of bloggers I will hopefully be emulating if not be directly (and abstractly enough not to get caught) plagiarizing.

my first macarons originally uploaded by flickr user and eclectic photoblogger Tooknap Press.

Kate's bright and beautiful sweets on Aapplemint are so ethereal, I think she might be half-elven.

Joycelyn of Kuidaore. I mean just check out these cookies! Say no more.

We must include one of our favorite Chicago foodbloggers and
Gaper's Block contributer, Gemma of ProBonoBaker fame.

Travel, food, and mouth wateringly wonderful images. Can it get better then Melissa's Travelers Lunch Box?

Pictures speak more then a trillion words on the minimalist site rice and noodles.

And last but not least is Jaden of Steamy Kitchen. I love her because she is literally just spelling it out how to become her!

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