Sunday, October 12, 2008

Recycling Left Overs: Pot Pies.

Recycling leftovers: making pot pies from left over Coq au Vin and dough from pastry bowls.

I have a difficult time estimating how much food to make for a specific amount of people. When cooking for a group of twenty, I always end up with enough to feed forty. I don't know why. Perhaps, because of my Midwestern background, I think in terms of Old Country Buffet style portions. For Forkably Hip, I did my BEST to keep gourmet portions in mind, but I still had left overs. I don't know about you, but I can only eat the same left overs for a couple of days before I want to throw them away. But me, throw away food? NEVER!

This weekend, I just can't eat any more Coq au Vin or the Portobello au Vin, I made for the vegetarians. Time to recycle. I had some left over dough I had in the fridge from making my pastry bowls. Stew, dough. Its time to make pot pies

Making my pies was as easy as rolling out the left over dough into disks, and added a dollop of the stew leftovers mixed together with some shredded Swiss cheese to add melty deliciousness and change the taste just enough to convince me I was eating a different meal. I brushed some milk over the edges of the dough pinched the sides together with my fingers.

Brushing the outsides with more milk and sprinkling the pies with Parmesan cheese and some celery salt for flavoring, they were ready for the oven. 400 degrees for 15 minutes and done.

Swiss Chicken Portobello potpies with a red wine gravy. New meal recycled from old meal, made quickly and eaten with gusto!


Erin said...

you are a culinary genius. i cant wait for the next dinner

Andrea said...

Thanks! I hope to see you guys soon.

Ira said...

I had one of these for lunch and it was awesome. The guys at work were jealous.