Monday, December 1, 2008

Thankful Reflections of My Parent's Thanksgiving

Sliced thyme and rosemary stuffed turkey rotisserie roasted on the BBQ.

I spent the weekend at my parents house and I am finally getting a chance to sit down and post about our Thanksgiving feast. This year fell on my Mother's birthday, so we had a lot to celebrate and be thankful for. I keep talking about how my parents always do it up big. Here are some pictures to put my money where my mouth is.

Plate setting on my Great Grandmother's satin tablecloth.

I am always in charge of setting the table.

This year, I used some small pumpkins from my parents garden as well small glasses of dried weeds and grass from the poolside flower beds to decorate the table.

For starters, a relish plate of my parents home made pickles. Organic cucumbers, Jerusalem artichokes, carrots and cauliflower from my parents garden.

Everyone loves olives!

My family members pictured from left, Grandma, Aunt Anne (in purple), Aunt Shirley, Aunt Lynda, my Dad and my Uncle John who seems to be in mid-pontification.

We serve ourselves buffet style. Food pictured (counter-clockwise from bottom right) Relish platters, radish rosettes, orange infused cranberry compote, creamy mashed potatoes, sliced oven roasted turkey, sliced rotisserie turkey, cheesy onion casserole, roasted sweet potatoes in a maple syrup sauce, roasted squash (in turkey tureen), green bean casserole (brought by my Aunt Margie), corn pudding, and apple walnut stuffing. You can see the pies on the upper right. The gravy bowls were on the tables.

My parents brined and roasted two turkeys, one on the BBQ (first picture) and another in the oven, stuffed with apple walnut stuffing, pictured above.

With so much food, its always hard to find a big enough plate!

My brother was a member of the clean plate club. Good job Alger!

We had to remember to save room for dessert. Pie options included peach raspberry, a ginormous apple pie, and good old pumpkin with fresh vanilla whipped cream. I ate so much, I think I'm good to until until next year.

Click here for more Thanksgiving photos.

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The stuffed turkey rotisserie looks great. Would you have time to let us know how to do that?

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