Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tweeting Out in Style!

Blogging can be a lot of work. Of course its fun to write about things you are excited about, but it can also be time consuming and its easy to fall into the blog hole. Yesterday, I temporarily emerged from the deep to experience one of the many awesome perks, blog networking and free stuff!! Dan of, a relatively new dining review microblog, invited me to join in on this month's Chef's Table, hosted at the D.O.C. Wine Bar on Clark and Wrightwood.

D.O.C. Wine Bar Image by Flickr user DiscoverDupage

As I walked through the posh darkly lit bar area to join our group in the party room, D.O.C. did not seem like a place I would generally find myself as it has all the appearances of a yuppie watering hole. However, whatever my initial opinions may have been, they were immediately washed away with the appearance of a most welcome glass of sparkling rose given to me by our smiling host in greeting. As soon as the courses began to arrive, my opinion continued to rise, and each new wine tasting did the same to my enthusiasm. The food was all delicious (with the exception of the salad, though stated as their most popular item, left me far underwhelmed). The roasted pork loin was my personal favorite. Prepped for 24 hours in an apple cider brine and served with a deliciously light BBQ sauce, the supple and juicy texture of this meat, left me feeling quite smug and self assured in my belief that a brining is the ultimate secret to a perfect roasted meat.

The oversize chocolate chip cookie served in a skillet all hot and gooey with a large dollop of ice cream may be totally gimmicky, but was a hands down success in making a room full of Foodies attempting sophistication squealing through cookie stuffed mouths like 5 year olds. I was no better as I battled Jen spoon in hand for the biggest bite.

For only $25, guests of the Chef's Table events enjoy a prefix of food selected by the chef, a round table discussion with the chef and restaurant manager, as well an intimate and totally un-intimidating dining experience. I would totally go again, and I encourage all of my readers to check them out. You can find out about the next event by following TweatingOut on Twitter. While you are at it, you can add me too. I, mean only if you want to. No pressure (DO IT!).


Theresa said...

Wow - thanks for the great review! It was wonderful meeting you and I'm so happy you enjoyed it!

Andrea said...

Thank YOU! We had a great time, so we hope to see you guys again. Soon!