Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Grill & Chill: Part 2

Part 2: Sunday Dinner
My family loves it when Ira and I come to visit for the weekend. Of course, since we were all together, we have to celebrate with food!

Lots of food!

Sunday always calls for a big afternoon dinner. My Dad couldn't decide between BBQ ribs or Rotisserie Chicken, so he decided not to decide and make both. Good choice!

My parents skewered the two chickens on the rotisserie spit to get them on the grill. My Mom prepped the chickens by seasoning the cavities with salt and pepper and stuffing some thyme and basil under the skin.

Once on the grill, my Dad finished with more salt and cracked pepper and allowed the chickens to spin for a little over 2 hours.

Dad is very proud of his Seasonings box, an antique Velveeta box belonging to my Grandfather. You'd think we really liked Velveeta in my house.

Don't the finished chickens look delicious!

Although ribs are best when they are smoked over a low heat for a long time (150 degrees for 8 - 10 hours) My family likes things done a little faster.

So as a quick shortcut on the ribs, we bake them covered in the oven at 300 for about 2 hours before putting them on the grill. My Dad loves to do an "East meets West" with a dry curry rub before coating with his homemade BBQ sauce.

The ribs are first put on the grill face down to sear the meat and hold in the juices.

Then they are flipped face up.

My Dad applies his homemade BBQ sauce which is started with my Mom's Chili base and amped up with their homemade horseradish, mustard, spices and as my Dad says "plenty of the Beam!".

Ribs are done!

Of course, it was also necessary to take a trip out to the garden and get some fresh produce!

Gertie came too!

My Aunt Dottie and my Mom thinned the beet rows to use the young beets for a grilled beet salad.

We cut fresh greens for a salad.

We needed something else for the salad...what should we pick?

The raspberries aren't ready yet.

The currents are!

We got the food ready to plate. We had curry BBQ baby back ribs, rotisserie chicken, Greek pasta salad, fresh green salad with currants and walnut oil vinaigrette, grilled beet salad, corn pudding, German potato salad and fruit salad to choose from.

Oooh. Look at my plate!

Ira and I never go back to Chicago hungry.


Daniel said...

Good times with the fam never looked so delicious. What a good lookin' family. Sacramento sends Forkable its food love.

eric beck said...

what a great weekend...

thanks for inviting me along for sure!

Ira said...

Nonstop feasting and drinking by the pool! I'm getting hungry reliving the BBQ through those pictures.

missile said...

this post totally makes me want to go home right now and party down with my family in my parents' backyard. looks like so much fun!

Janice said...

Andrea-How do you make the Greek Pasta Salad-it sounds yummy!