Friday, July 18, 2008

Lets go for a walk!

At every turn, we are confronted with the topic of the ever increasing cost of crude oil which has risen 30% over the past year. Rising gas prices are affecting more then just the average commuter costs.

Even though I don't have a car, I am affected by food costs, which experts say have risen at an inflation rate of over three times the annual average.

Contemplating global situations which are seemly so much larger then me, my control freak nature feels paralyzed and overwhelmed at the thought of what my small person can do to make a difference.

although I am somewhere in this pic, I am too small to be visible

On a large scale I know I can't change our cultural addiction to oil and if I think about it in such huge terms, I'll go insane! So I try not to.

Instead, I focus on small battles. One thing we can all look into is shopping locally .

Wouldn't you like to shop here??

Walking to a corners store and supporting our neighborhood shops instead driving the distance to a larger chain grocer can save gas and strengthen our local communities.

These models display how you will feel.

Of course, you rebut, the selection at your local corner store may be limited. If your store doesn't have something you want, don't be afraid to ask. The store owner may be receptive to ordering it for you in the future.

Check out this great instructable for tips on increasing produce at your local store.

You may also think your neighborhood isn't very walkable . This may be a fact for those who live in non-urban environments. However you may have more resources at your disposal then you think. To check the walkability of your neighborhood, visit which rates neighborhoods in terms of the amenities available within walking distance. It also gives you lists of stores in your neighborhood. So quit your excuses and get walking!


Carl said...

Walking is awesome. I had to sell my car about a year ago. I had intentions of getting a beater to replace it as soon as possible, but after a week of riding the bus I quickly changed my mind. I quickly learned that its not so hard to carry a week's worth of food home from the closest store. This also helps me save money buying junk I don't need cuz I have to consider whether it all will fit in two bags.

Marcus said...

Hey, my house got a 66 out of a 100 on the walkscore. Not too shabby!

Emily said...

I got a 49 out of 100.:( But the good news is I have 2 Christian Bookstores within walking distance!